We routinely inspect luxury homes over 5,000 sq. ft. and have performed inspections on homes up to 15,000 sqft.  We have even inspected a home with 9 furnaces! We love inspecting horse properties and have inspected many of them including barns with indoor riding arenas.

It is critical that you hire an inspection company that can send at least 2 luxury or estate experienced home inspectors who can perform a detailed and thorough inspection in a reasonable time frame and deliver the report the same day.

Century Home Inspections

We have inspected hundreds of century homes – many in the Chardon, OH and Chagrin Falls, OH area and surrounding countryside.  Our oldest home inspected on record is an 1809 home in Burton, OH.  Obviously you want an inspection company with experience inspecting an older home – ever see a dry stacked field stone foundation?  How about floor joists with the bark still attached?

Better yet, chances are that home has had past fire damage that we can show you!  Of course we will make sure the damage is only superficial.  Just like log home inspections there are certain things that are unique to century homes that must be inspected and verified to be OK.

And the only way to really know these things is to have the kind of experience we have – hundreds of inspections performed on century homes in North East Ohio.