Sewer Line Inspection



Sewer Line Camera Inspection

A big potential hidden cost when purchasing an older home is having to replace or repair sections of the underground sanitary sewer line. Homes built before 1970 normally have a clay tile sewer line (if it hasn’t been replaced) from the home to the street.

These lines are laid end to end so tree roots commonly grow in between the ends and eventually create a blockage that backs up the sanitary line into the house. Snaking or sewer jetting the line is the first step in solving this problem when it occurs, which requires a clean out access in the main sanitary line – typically but not always found in the basement.

If the clean out is not present, one may need to be installed. If the snaking of the line does not clear the blockage or the drain continues to back up, requiring frequent snaking or jetting, then most likely the problem is that the sewer line is damaged […]