…rather hire, the inspector who crawls up into the attic and walks your roof or the inspector who isn’t agile enough to do either?

 Attics and roofs are very important parts of the inspection, and the best way to inspect them are to have eyes, feet, and hands directly on them.
Now what about testimonials and reviews that the Inspection company either has posted on the internet via Google Reviews or on their literature or website or whatever? It’s all sunshine and rainbows isn’t it?

“So and So was so very thorough and complete in their inspection….we would recommend him or her to anybody!”  It’s easy to get a smiley face review right after the inspection BEFORE the Buyer has lived in the house for a few months or a year.

Every Inspector gets those reviews, if they ask for them, whether they have done thousands of inspections or 50 inspections, and yes we collect them as well and will probably ask you to write one for us if you hire us and like us!.

But see, now you are an expert selector of home inspectors (assuming you have read all the way down to this point!).  You now know that the REAL review of the Inspector’s ability comes from the unsolicited review that you get from a past client who has lived in the house for 1 to 5 yrs.

Not from what the inspector did previous to home inspecting. Not from how long the inspector has been doing inspections.

Not from their fancy web site.  Not from the list of certifications the inspector has.  Not from Google reviews.  Not from your conversation with the inspector over the phone.  And not from your Realtor’s list of 3 inspectors they give you – which they are REQUIRED by their broker and soon by state law to do so.

Just because an inspector is on your Realtor’s list of 3 inspectors to call doesn’t mean that all 3 of them are effective home inspectors.  Do your homework and due diligence when selecting your inspector!  If you actually took the time to read all the way down to this last sentence congratulations you will be rewarded!

Let us know when you call us for pricing and to schedule your home inspection that you know how to select an effective home inspector and we will give you a discount off your quoted price as long as you don’t tell your Realtor!  We don’t want our referral sources gaming the system and telling ALL their clients our discount secret!

Are you tired of me yet?